Why donate?

3 GOOD REASONS to bring your stone

to the construction of Villa Vauvenargues

1 / To act in favor of the most fragile children

You know how important the first years of life are for a child.
And it is unbearable to us all that a child can not eat enough, not be properly cared for, not grow normally just because his parents do not have access to the help they need.

Building with us Villa Vauvenargues, is to build a place of protection, prevention and flight for children facing too early the difficulties of life. It offers them the best chance to grow well, with and like the others.

2 / To build a pioneering model that will reference

The Villa Vauvenargues is a place as it does not exist yet and that will greatly change the support of families in difficulty! And you will have been the first to make such an innovation possible.

3 / To support a very concrete project

When you make a donation, you often wonder where the money goes, what is it for?
But there is no more concrete than to contribute to a project that you will see build, arrange, equip and finally fill up with many children and parents!

Our association is recognized as a charitable organization. So, a significant portion of your donations are tax deductible

Tax deduction of 60 to 66% of your donations

  • For individuals: 66% of your donations are deductible from your income taxes up to 20% of your income
  • For companies: it is 60%  within the limit of 5 per thousand of the turnover, the surplus being postponable for the next five years.

How make your donation

Three easy ways to donate :

  • By a online donation completely secure.
  • By check
  • By bank transfer 

Vous avez des questions ?

We are here to answer you !


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